Simple Comfort Subtle and Luxury

We have been looking for the ones simple yet practical, and translated the ideas into our pieces. We hope that all of our pieces can bring people simple comfort and subtle luxury as old Japanese handmade items and ancient traditions do. When we encountered old Japanese handmade items, they appealed to our dormant instinct. Such old handmade items could be a real eye-opener for modern people like us. The fresh and radical designs could be found in traditional Japanese beauty. We wondered if the timeless feeling for beauty could be reincarnated.

asaborake tries to fuse such a timeless Japanese beauty into the modern life. Through our every piece created by hands, we'd like everyone to feel "the gentle flow of time". We think that is a real luxury in the modern time. With this concept, we began to make purses and bags made of leathers and Kimono fabrics.

With our leather pieces, we are looking for something like traditional Japanese beauty that any excess is eliminated for focusing on the essential quality; simple and functional.

In addition, unfortunately, we hardly have the emotion, as we feel on old handmade items, on the modern mass-produced items. We miss the warmth and love, which we can feel through handmade items. Every piece of our hand-stitched leather items has a unique character created by hands, and we think that the unique character of every piece get everyone to be attached to it, and the piece will truly make one of kind item to each person.

To make such a feeling of warmth and love tangible, we create our piece by piece by hands...